Sep. 1st, 2010

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later august!

helloooo september.

i've been meaning to do a big post about my sketchbooks and sketchbook habits for a while now. this isn't that post, but it's related to the the underlying principle that my sketchbook is basically my brain's external hard drive. i have a smart phone that i'm a little obsessed with, but my sketchbook has always been (and continues to be) my real PDA, day planner, assignment book, etc. etc. it's the one thing that's pretty much guaranteed to be where i am, regardless of how frantic i was when i was packing my purse. i lose track of my sketchbook far and away less often than my wallet or my phone or my car keys.

i never used a calendar or planner much in school, but since i've graduated and started working a hodgepodge of comically-random freelance jobs, i've become much more dependent on actually writing things down in order to keep myself organized and on schedule (for certain values of both). one result is that i've started keeping monthly calendars in my sketchbook-of-the-moment.

more rambling and calendars under here )

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