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also, i live there.

i'm not personally underwater, and am incredibly fortunate that none of my stuff got wet, but the damage in other areas of the city is kind of horrifying.

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the Opry House, Opryland Hotel, Schermerhorn symphony hall, whole blocks of downtown up to 2nd avenue, Soundcheck rehearsal complex, and many residential areas have all flooded. homes in east nashville were under as much as 11ft of water last sunday, and almost no one has flood insurance because this doesn't happen.

we're landlocked, for fuck's sake, and the cumberland river that runs through nashville isn't like the mississippi, which you kind of expect to throw a tantrum from time to time; the cumberland is tiny. it's like a joke river. ...except, apparently, when 18 inches of rain falls in a 48hr period. when that happens, it rises 12 feet over flood level and destroys things. ditto all the other tiny creeks and dry riverbeds winding through the city's suburbs.

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there are still thousands of residences without electricty, major streets still closed down, and whole neighborhoods being told to empty their soggy houses out onto the curb for pickup. one of the two water treatment centers serving nashville was flooded, and we're all being told not to shower, or use water for anything but essential cooking/drinking purposes.

if you want more destruction porn, you can find startling images of the floods and aftermath here:
Flooding in Tennessee @
Flood Slideshow @
Day By Day Photo Coverage @

because nashville is awesome and full of nice people, there has already been a huge volunteer effort to assist friends/neighbors/strangers. I encourage anyone living here to sign up with Hands On Nashville for a shift handing out bottled water or hauling flood-contaminated keepsakes out of old ladies' garages. it's fun! i went out with a group yesterday afternoon- some streets were still under a foot of water, four days after the inital flood. the bus made a wake.

List of Ways Locals Can Help, at

for anyone not living in Nashville who wants to help, you can donate to any of the following:
Middle Tennessee Red Cross
The Community Foundation
Graceworks Ministries
Nashville Salvation Army
Hands On Nashville

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