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series of four ink drawings i made for an event a couple months ago, but just got around to scanning. they're supposed to be sad, but somehow in the (frantic, last minute) process they ended up bright pink, which i realize sort of undermines the haunting, mournful mood i was going for. oh well. i really like pink a lot. =)

thumbnail links to the images (and accompanying emo-poem about the conflict between origin and destination) at my website gallery.

mollybrooks: butterfly attacked by scissors (Default)
my little brother turned 21 this week! have i mentioned that? such an event calls for more than one present, clearly, so i didn't content myself with a little set of notebooks.

the OTHER present, that i had a ton of fun with and mostly decided to do because i knew i would, is this: an illustrated bilingual poem-book of edgar allan poe's The Raven. the english text and french translation are on the reverse sides of each page, and share cutout illustrations. thumbnail links to the project in the gallery on my website.

i also made a quicktime movie going through the book page by page- it should be embedded below...

Le Corbeau, a tour through (1:54)
bigger version of the movie (53mb)

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