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i was super honored to be asked to to design a "whimsical and slightly edgy" baby announcement for little elliot! final result was a 5x7 card + envelope. click link below for close-ups.

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i recently drew a series of diagrams for a short manual on elephant foot care for Elephant Aid International. another fun exercise in drawing things i know nothing about! see below for a sampling of the finished diagrams.

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in the latest of a series of landing-gigs-drawing-things-i-know-nothing-about (see also, diagrams on elephant footcare, instructional jiujitsu poster) i've recently been doing illustrations for web-based BudLight commercials that apply football maneuvers to everyday situations. if anyone on this earth knows less about football than i do, i would love to meet that person because we could probably have some awesome chats about stuff that has nothing to do with football. but it's been fun to learn what a 'juke' is, and what referee socks look like-- and the animation makes my drawings look way cooler than they actually are!

you can see all the animations that have been posted so far at the BudLight Facebook Page. there's a new one every week!

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this past month has been pretty heavy with graphic-design, which is sort of novel for me. i don't see myself as a graphic designer per se, but i'll take a stab at anything visual if it offers me billable hours! everything's a learning opportunity, and logos are nice because they're sort of like design candy: concise little nuggets of aesthetic sugar. =)

these are a few logos i've recently designed for music-related ventures around nashville. (most ventures around nashville are music-related. it's fun!). i'm also including some samples from the sketch process on each. since i'm not a proper designer with a vector-based brain, it usually takes me at least three rounds of sketches before i can muster the courage to move into adobe illustrator-- until then it's rapidograph and marker all the way.

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i just recently finished a bookbinding project for the same wonderful client who commissioned the book of Emerson poetry. this one is a collection of quotations, illustrated throughout with tiny flowers in red watercolor ink (about 500 of them, all told- yowza).

this is also both the widest and (fortunately) the best exposed-tape binding i've ever done-- i'd worried that the stitching would get a bit wonky given the thirty or so signatures between the covers, but it turned out super regular and not wiggly at all! =) evidence mounts that i do my most exacting work in a frothy panic.

thumbnail links to the project at my website gallery.

before starting the project, i submitted a proposal with specs, paper samples, and explanations of what i intended to do- i think it's kind of fun to see that initial design side-by-side with the finished book:

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For the last few months i've been sitting in on the interview tapings for the radio show American Country Countdown, then doing pen-and-ink drawings from my on-site sketches. Here's a new batch!

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i was recently hired by a private client to make a handbound and illustrated book of Poems by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I'm really pleased with the way the book turned out. the client's color preferences led me to a palette and combination of materials that wouldn't have occurred to me if left to my own devices, but that i think work really well together. all the illustrations are variations on the rose pattern of the brocade bookcloth, done by hand with ink & brush.

thumbnail links to the project in the bookarts section of my website.

and the image below is a page from the initial proposal i sent to the client for approval. we ended up making some slight alterations to the original plan during construction, includind getting rid of the little window on the burgandy pages -- i'd thought it would be cute, but after doing the illustrations i realized it was unnecessary and would be distracting, visually.

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the village voice hired me for a spot a couple weeks ago! i was so excited! =)

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a local dojo hired me to design t-shirts, and later a related, semi-instructional poster. i had fun drawing the little karate men. yay first t-shirt design!

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i was recently asked to develop a logo concept for a rock-n-roll cupcake cafe (would that i could have been paid in cupcakes).

i got fixated pretty quickly on the idea of mod circles and vinyl records being identical twin cousins- luckily my client totally saw the resemblance. the final result of the process was a tight sketch, not a finished logo.

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