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this past month has been pretty heavy with graphic-design, which is sort of novel for me. i don't see myself as a graphic designer per se, but i'll take a stab at anything visual if it offers me billable hours! everything's a learning opportunity, and logos are nice because they're sort of like design candy: concise little nuggets of aesthetic sugar. =)

these are a few logos i've recently designed for music-related ventures around nashville. (most ventures around nashville are music-related. it's fun!). i'm also including some samples from the sketch process on each. since i'm not a proper designer with a vector-based brain, it usually takes me at least three rounds of sketches before i can muster the courage to move into adobe illustrator-- until then it's rapidograph and marker all the way.

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mollybrooks: butterfly attacked by scissors (Default)
i was recently asked to develop a logo concept for a rock-n-roll cupcake cafe (would that i could have been paid in cupcakes).

i got fixated pretty quickly on the idea of mod circles and vinyl records being identical twin cousins- luckily my client totally saw the resemblance. the final result of the process was a tight sketch, not a finished logo.

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