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This is my tester entry. see the text run: Free accounts can configure one external account. Paid accounts can configure up to three external accounts, and Premium Paid accounts can configure up to five accounts. You may delete your target journal from the crossposter at any time and reconfigure the crossposter to crosspost to a different journal. You may also change the password for the target journal or journals using the "Change" feature on that page without affecting the other settings for that destination service and account.

In order to set up this feature, you'll be asked for your username and password for your other account(s). You may only post to personal accounts you control. You may not crosspost to communities, even if you're that community's owner and moderator.

The dropdown menu on the crossposter currently offers you the choices of: DeadJournal, InsaneJournal, Inksome, JournalFen, LiveJournal, Other Site. If the journal you want to crosspost to isn't named, choose "Other Site". Right now, only LiveJournal clone sites are supported by the "Other Site" selection. Non LiveJournal-code-based journaling sites include Wordpress, Blogger (Blogspot), and TypePad. These non-clone sites are not supported right now, but we hope to add that functionality soon.

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BLEARGHHHHH. i should be sleeping. instead i wish to tinker with colors and layouts, which means i must learn how to tinker with colors and layouts, which means i will not be sleeping, which means i will probably be late for my contact fitting at nine tomorrow morning.

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