Jun. 22nd, 2010

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i made my first pop up book! it was something of an adventure (bc i had zero idea what i was doing) but i'm actually kind of pleased with the way it turned out! i've found that it's easier to motivate myself into semi-scary learning experiences like this when i have some sort of concrete deadline or goal, so i've been finding calls-for-entries to make new work for. last month's masks and naked women tangle is another example of me doing this sort of thing to myself.

(links to the project at my website gallery)

this is a picture book of pen-and-ink drawings with two pop up spreads, three cutouts, and a central 3D box structure with moving layers. it tells the story of a little girl who gets kidnapped by rats after her father's death. the concept of the Rattenk├Ânig (a group of rats who get knotted together at the tail while burrowed together underground) is used as a visual metaphor for the grief experience and the search for connectedness out of absence.

keen observers will notice i'm still attempting to use pink as a "gloomy" color, with questionable effectiveness. but this project marks the most ambitious palette i've attempted yet (four whole colors! and none of them black!) so maybe i can be forgiven for keeping my favorite around as a security blanket as i tiptoe out of monochrome.

...and just in case i tricked anyone for a second into thinking i know what i'm doing, i'm including some sketchbook scans to show my design process in all its baffled panic. the first half is me thinking way too deeply into the conceptual structure of the narrative, and the second half is mostly me realizing i haven't the first clue how to build the thing i've just designed. i learned so much in the last 48hrs of this project.

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